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Meet the Director of Music

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Professor Randy Gibson

Director of Music


Professor Randy J. Gibson studied music at Philadelphia College of Performing Arts, Temple University and Combs College of Music. He holds a Master’s Degree in Music. He is a prolific concert pianist, composer and recording artist who has performed throughout the world. As an educator, Professor Gibson has over 40 years of teaching experience including universities, colleges, and private schools. Having lived in diverse cultures throughout the world, his genre is extensive.  He is adept at playing classical, gospel, jazz and contemporary styles of music. Along with his wife, Wilhemina Gibson, they founded the Gibson School of Music & Arts in 1995, where they have nurtured several generations of talented musicians.  Many Ministers of Music throughout the Delaware Valley have come from the tutelage of Professor Gibson.


He is a Mentor to many both locally and globally. His many years as a Music Educator has allowed his students to permeate countless Ministries, Churches, Concert Venues, and to achieve Award-Winning Accolades, (Grammys, Emmys, Tony’s). He Gives wise counsel To young men and women navigating through such a confusing world we call life. Yet In All These Things, We Must “Seek God And His Righteousness,” Matt. 6:33, “Every Good And Perfect Gift Comes From God,” James 1:17. 


Professor Gibson has been the Music Director of Canaan Baptist Church for virtually 10 years.  Canaan is a multi-generational thriving ministry located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, under the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Derick Brennan and Canaan Baptist Church is honored to have him.

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