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Worship With Canaan

"Be Grateful For Your Scars"
1-30-22 Sunday Worship Service

"A Dad, A Demon, A Deliverer"
2-27-22 Sunday Worship Service

"The Book of Job - The Suitcase of Loss"
5-29-22 Sunday Worship Service

"The Old You Suitcase"
6-26-22 Sunday Worship Service

"A Prideful Believer"
7-31-22 Sunday Worship Service

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"Fool-proofing Our Finances"
9-18-22 Sunday Worship Service

"Thanks AND Giving"
12-4-22 Sunday Worship Service

"Thankful: Living A Life of Contentment"
11-13-22 Sunday Worship Service


Study With Canaan

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"Pray - Start At The End - Biblical Steps to Achieving Your Goals"
1-17-23 Bible Study

"Pray - Start At The End - Overcoming Obstacles"
1-24-23 Bible Study

"Pray - Start At The End - Measuring Progress"
1-31-23 Bible Study

"Giant Slayers, Pt. 2"
2-14-23 Bible Study

"Giant Slayers"
2-7-23 Bible Study

"Giant Slayers, Pt. 3"
2-21-23 Bible Study

"I Am The Bread of Life"
2-28-23 Bible Study

"I Am The Light of the World"
3-7-23 Bible Study

"I Am The Resurrection and the Life"
3-28-23 Bible Study

"I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life"
4-4-23 Bible Study

"I Am the True Vine"
4-11-23 Bible Study

"Set Apart - Being Holy"
4-25-23 Bible Study

"Set Apart - A Holy Mind"
5-2-23 Bible Study

"Set Apart - Holy Ground"
5-9-23 Bible Study

"The Spirit Moved Before Pentecost"
5-23-23 Bible Study

"The Spirit Moved At Pentecost"
5-30-23 Bible Study

Pray with Canaan

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