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"God The Holy Spirit"

6-2-20 Bible Study

"What is the Church"

6-7-20 Bible Study

"Why does the Church Exist"

6-16-20 Bible Study

"How is the Church Structured"

6-23-20 Bible Study

"Who Are the Church Leaders"

6-30-20 Bible Study

"What is a Church Member"

7-7-20 Bible Study

"What Difference Does the Church Make"

7-14-20 Bible Study

"Financial Order 101"

7-21-20 Bible Study

"Financial Order 102"

7-28-20 Bible Study

"Don't Bury Yor Money Under a Rock"

8-4-20 Bible Study

"Don't Bury Yor Money Under a Rock"

8-18-20 Bible Study

"Spiritual & Emotional Healing"

8-25-20 Bible Study

"Spiritual & Emotional Healing - Anger"

9-1-20 Bible Study

"Low Self Esteem"

9-8-20 Bible Study


9-15-20 Bible Study


9-22-20 Bible Study

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6-11-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Tanisha Davis, Machi Demps

Edward Parker, Sequoia Mosley

6-18-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Valerie Harrison

6-25-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Solomon Wheeler

7-16-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Shabriel Parker

7-30-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: COVID-19

8-13-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: Gun Violence

8-20-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: COVID-19

8-27-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: The Census

9-3-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: Labor Union

9-10-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Bill Anderson

9-17-20 Coffee and Conversation

Topic: College in Covid


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"Dare to be Yourself"

6-14-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Be Ten Times Better"

6-28-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Get Out of the Boat"

7-5-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Unjust Stewardship"

7-19-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Getting the House in Order"

7-26-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Signs of Order in the House"

8-2-20 Sunday Worship Service

"The Whole Truth, Nothing but Truth"

8-9-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Whole Lies and Nothing But Lies "

8-16-20 Sunday Worship Service

"When God Brings Us Home"

8-23-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Get Ready to Rumble"

9-6-20 Sunday Worship Service


"From In-Laws to In-Loves"

9-20-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Friends in the Struggle"

9-27-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Real Prophets Tell the Truth"

10-11-20 Sunday Worship Service

"The Price of Prophesy"

10-18-20 Sunday Worship Service

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