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"God The Holy Spirit"

6-2-20 Bible Study

6-11-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Tanisha Davis, Machi Demps

Edward Parker, Sequoia Mosley

"Remembering Together"

5-24-20 Sunday Worship Service

"What is the Church"

6-7-20 Bible Study

6-18-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Valerie Harrison

"Why does the Church Exist"

6-16-20 Bible Study

6-25-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Solomon Wheeler

"Under the Influence"

5-31-20 Sunday Worship Service

"How is the Church Structured"

6-23-20 Bible Study

7-16-20 Coffee and Conversation

Guest: Shabriel Parker

"Who Are the Church Leaders"

6-30-20 Bible Study

"What is a Church Member"

7-7-20 Bible Study

"What Difference Does the Church Make"

7-14-20 Bible Study

"Dare to be Yourself"

6-14-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Be Ten Times Better"

6-28-20 Sunday Worship Service

"Get Out of the Boat"

7-5-20 Sunday Worship Service

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